This week’s Exploitedteens episode features a VERY nervous brand new first timer. She’s a real cutie with an incredible lil’ hardbody on her, standing at 5’ 6” tall and only wearing a size zero (Whoa!). I actually guessed the size of her tits incorrectly… I thought that they are a B cup, when they are only an A cup. So yes, this does qualify the cutie here for membership in the IBTC (Ittie Bittie Tittie Committee)… Ha! But what this gorgeous coed lacks in breast size, she sure makes up for in oral skills. She really surprises me with how well she can get my rigid cock down her throat. I mean, I can tell that sucking cock is definitely one of her favorite things to do as you can really feel the TLC that she puts into it. But when it’s time for her to get fucked, she’s definitely more than ready for that to happen. I stuff my rod into her slippery fun hole and give it a real nice reeming in the missionary, doggy and cowgirl positions. And you can tell from the look in this college girl’s eyes that she’s definitely enjoying the ride. She gets sooooooo horny from having her tight, coed slit drilled mercilously that when it comes time for me to jerkoff on her face… she asks me if it would be alright if she could eat my cum instead. And you guessed it… I’m only too happy to give this 18 year old smiling hottie a mouthful! :)