This week’s Exploitedteens episode features a petite lil’ thing . She’s only 5’4” tall, wears a size 1 (though it’s mostly because of her ass) and she sports a perky set of 32A tits. She is new to this, having never done anything quite like this before. And she’s got the nervous “clammy” hands to prove it (Heh-Heh!). This college cutie has a small patch of hair on her otherwise shaved pussy… which is oh so pink and delicious looking. And after playing with her wet gash for a bit, it’s time to have her practice her “oral skills” on me. She does a great job of polishing my “bishop” with her lips, often looking up at me with those pretty eyes. I then proceed to pummel her 18 year old meatsocket repeatedly with my veiny mallet (Whoa!). She let me know that she is on birth control so I had the greenlight to turn her pussy into a spermbank and that’s exactly what happens…Yes! :)